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        About Us
        Shanghai Xinyi Ruijie Nonferrous Alloy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinyi Ruijie Group) is a professional company integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales in the field of non-ferrous metals. It is an aluminum processing enterprise specializing in the smelting, extrusion and machining of aluminum alloy materials.
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        Product Center
        The products are widely involved in many fields such as automobile industry, electronics industry,military industry, etc., and have won a good reputation in the industry. The products are supplied to well-known automobile brand manufacturers in China , Europe and America.
        R&D strength
        R&D strength
        R&D strength
        In 2018, the Group's R&D Center was established to provide solutions to major technical problems of the enterprise. The R&D center has became an important platform for talent gathering and provide technical support for further developing of high value-added aluminum alloy products to the market . At present, the R&...
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        News Center
        Deeper understanding of aluminum processing enterprises from current events
        Service hotline

        021 - 5721 2277 (Electronic)

        021 - 5721 9808 (Automobile)

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